The Iranian Talmud is the virtual home of my recent book, The Iranian Talmud: Reading the Bavli in its Sasanian Context (Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013), and a space to write about more (and less) related interests, including the Babylonian Talmud and its context(s), classical rabbinic literature, gender and religious texts, Zoroastrianism, Sasanian religions, orality, and some musings on art, contemporary Jewish culture, and whatever catches my fancy. 

As for me, I’m currently a member of the Martin Buber Society of Fellows at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. You can find my c.v. and some of my academic writing on my profile at academia.edu. Some of my popular writing is collected here, under the tab, “writing”. I’m also founder, co-editor and author at The Talmud Blog.